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20DAX40 High Pressure U-Tube Manometer



The Model 20DAX40 manometer is designed for the measurement of pressures, vacuums or differential pressures with a maximum operating pressure of 400 PSI. This manometer is of very rigid construction, designed primarily for high line pressure operation. Only carefully selected, fully annealed glass tubing is used. The manometer scale is located to permit quick and accurate reading of the indicating columns. The U-tube type manometer is a primary basic standard of pressure measurement. Pressure measurements are accomplished by balancing a vertical head of indicating fluid with the pressure to be measured. As there are no cams, gears or levers to operate in the manometer; the readings obtained are accurate.

The manometer body has an aluminum channel to which stainless steel and blocks are connected. The wetted parts are type 304SS. The glass tubing is gland packed with viton gaskets at each end block and is supported at spaced intervals to prevent tube distortion at elevated pressures. In place of the conventional U-tube of one continuous glass length, two straight length individual tubes are used in this manometer. To connect the two vertical glass tube legs to form the U, the lower manometer end block is cross-drilled. Standard pressure connections are 1/4 inch female pipe out the top of the upper end block.

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Laboratory Grade Quality

  • Aluminum channel body with connected stainless steel and blocks
  • The wetted parts are type 304SS
  • Transparent cover seals the unit from dust and moisture and protects operator should excessive pressures cause an indicating tube to fracture

Ease of Use

  • Furnished with a white, non-glare satin background with black graduations and characters
  • The scale is adjustable for zero indicating fluid
  • A drain plug out the bottom of the lower end block permits draining of the manometer indicating fluid and cleaning of the glass indicating tubes

Variety of Measurements

  • Pressure
  • Vacuum
  • Differential pressure

Typical Applications

  • Process
  • General Purpose Production Testing
  • Laboratory Measurement


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