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40HEX35 Inclined Tube Manometer


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Inclined Well Type Manometer for wall mounting is offered with scales from 20″ to 60″ long in differential ranges from 2″ to 20″. This economical and durable instrument fills the high sensitivity and accuracy requirements for low differential pressure ranges at operating pressures up to 350 PSI.

Inclined manometers provide greater readability by stretching a vertical differential along an inclined indicating column, giving more graduations per unit of vertical height and increasing the instrument sensitivity and accuracy. Inclined manometers frequently have scales graduated to hundredths of an inch. The Model 40HEX35 is often used to indicate differential across Meriam Laminar Flow Elements, Accutubes and Orifice Plates in gas flow applications.

The removable well is bolted to the back plate and connected to the glass tube through the lower end block. All pressure connections are 1/4″ female pipe thread. The scale with satin background, bold black figures, and precision graduations spans the full channel width behind the indicating tube. Scale and tube are protected by a transparent cover. Each Model 40HEX35 is individually calibrated and the angle of inclination is set relative to the instrument level mounted above the channel. The instrument finish is black textured urethane.

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Laboratory Grade Quality

  • Aluminum channel body with connected stainless steel and blocks
  • Type 304SS wetted parts
  • Transparent cover seals the unit from dust and moisture and protects operator should excessive pressures cause an indicating tube to fracture

Ease of Use

  • Furnished with a white, non-glare satin background with black graduations and characters
  • The scale is adjustable for zero indicating fluid
  • A drain plug out the bottom of the lower end block permits draining of the manometer indicating fluid and cleaning of the glass indicating tubes


  • Pressure
  • Vacuum
  • Differential pressure

Typical Applications

  • Process
  • General Purpose Production Testing


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