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Hydro/Pneumatic Tester



The HPT100 is a second generation pipeline integrity testing tool that provides real time measurements and data logging during a hydrostatic or pneumatic pipeline test. The HTP100 reduces costs, set up time, and uses advance technology delivering ultimate, real-time reporting capabilities including data logging, exportable test logs, user configurable inputs and multiple engineering units making the HPT100 an essential tool for any pipeline tester. Powered by readily available 12VDC the HPT100 and a battery backup will record hours of uninterrupted test results.

Easy to use, the HPT100 comes with everything pipeline testers need to record pressure, temperature, and other test data.  There are multiple measurement solutions all in one device, easily accessible to increase efficiency during pipeline test sections making the Hydro/Pneumatic tester an essential tool for pipeline testers.

Features on Hydro/Pneumatic Tester

  • Specialized tool for hydrostatic & pneumatic integrity testing
  • One device with correlated independent measurements
  • Three (3) operation modes: Live, Record, and Review
    • All data logs are date time stamped
    • PDF or Excel (txt. file) report generation
    • Hide/show measurements on graph
  • Time stamped notes entry
  • User selectable measurement units


  • Hydrostatic pipeline pressure testing
  • Pneumatic pipeline pressure testing
  • Integrated digital measurements platform

Item #ZHPT-KIT Includes:

  • 10.2″ touch-panel display
  • Three (3) RTD temperature sensor ports
  • One (1) compound isolated 3000 psi pressure port
  • One (1) pump stroke counter
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Soft-sided carrying case
  • Four (4) 150 ft M12 A-coded cables
  • Three (3) Class A RTD probes w/ A-coded cable
  • One (1) 150 ft high pressure hose with Quick Test connectors
  • Two (2) 1/8″ MNPT to Quick Test Pressure fittings
  • Two (2) 1/4″ MNPT to Quick Test pressure fittings
  • Wall power adapter
  • 12V 18Ah Lead Acid Battery
  • Power charger
  • One (1) hard travel case


Item #ZHPT100 Includes:

  • 10.2″ touch-panel display
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Soft-sided carrying case


NIST Certificate

NIST certificate with data for each sensor will be included with all orders Pressure Accuracy: ± 0.02% of reading & 0.050% of full scale Temperature Accuracy: Tolerance = ± (0.15 + 0.002|t|) ° C

Delivery 3-4 weeks ARO

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