M1004 Series Smart Manometer (Medical)


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Meriam’s M1004 Digital Calibrator is a single function, portable pressure instrument with flexible features to meet many of your everyday pressure measurement needs. The device features an easy and intuitive user interface with convenient pressure connections.


  • Damping to stabilize fluctuating pressure signals
  • Luer Lock Fittings included
  • 6-digit display resolution
  • Zero key and user adjustments for manual calibration
  • Protective Blue Boot
  • Compound, Absolute and Differential pressure sensors
  • Wide variety of ranges available: -14.5 psi to 100 psi
  • Optional pressure fitting and hand pump kit
  • Offering the following measurement units: mmHg, inHg, inH2O, mmH2O, kPa, mbar, and psi


  • Very low differential pressure measurement for ventilator instrument testing
  • Sterilizer vacuum measurements
  • Non-Invasive blood pressure instruments
  • Medical gases testing
  • Leak testing for low pressure gas systems
  • Pressure drop monitoring across filters
  • Monitoring vacuum on condensers and pumps
  • CPAP and BIPAP testing
  • Clean, dry, non-corrosive, gas media

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ZM1004-AN0015 15 PSIA (775.72 mmHg), ZM1004-AN0030 30 PSIA (1551.44 mmHg), ZM1004-AN0100 100 PSIA (5171.48 mmHg), ZM1004-DN0001 -1 PSID to 1 PSID (28" H2O), ZM1004-DN0005 -5 PSID to 5 PSID (138.5" H2O), ZM1004-DN0015 -14.5 PSID to 15 PSID (415.6" H2O), ZM1004-DN0030 -14.5 PSID to 30 PSID (831.2" H2O), ZM1004-DN0050 -14.5 PSID to 50 PSID (1385.4" H2O), ZM1004-DN0100 -14.5 PSID to 100 PSID (2770.8" H2O), ZM1004-CN0001 -1 PSIG to 1 PSIG, ZM1004-CN0005 -5 PSIG to 5 PSIG, ZM1004-CN0015 -14.5 PSIG to 15 PSIG, ZM1004-CN0030 -14.5 PSIG to 30 PSIG, ZM1004-CN0050 -14.5 PSIG to 50 PSIG, ZM1004-CN0100 -14.5 PSIG to 100 PSIG


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