MFT4000 CE IS Multi Function Modular Calibrator / HART® Communicator



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The MFT 4000 Digital Calibrator is a base unit for pressure calibration work with selected NIST traceable sensor modules & integral voltage/current meter. The MFT 4010 Digital Calibrator with HART® is a base unit for modules and full device specific HART® communications. Quick Cal displays HART® PV and AO along with MFT’s NIST traceable measurements. User can identify needed trim(s) and access the trim function(s) from same display. Smart Trim allows selection of analog or digital trims without navigating through menu trees. Documenting included. Documenting memory stores up to 200 HART® configuration files and over 100 calibration results (as-found & as-left data [up to 21 points each], time/date info, tag). Communicate with PC via DB-9 connector.

Available modules include differential, gauge, vacuum and absolute pressure as well as temperature calibration, and voltage/current calibration. A voltage and current meter is integral to the base unit. All HART® field devices can be configured, polled, and trimmed using HART® communications. Device Specific commands for supported devices are included with the MFT.

Each unit includes: CE Mark, Test Lead Kit, HART Leads (Model 4010), Batteries, Universal Power Adapter, RS-232 Serial Cable and Users Manual.


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Z4000-1 General Purpose Calibrator, Z4010-5 HART® Calibrator


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