PIT5000 Digital Deadweight Tester (Rental)



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The Meriam PIT5000 is the premier instrument for conducting and documenting pipeline hydrostatic pressure tests. This device replaces your bulky and fragile dead weight pressure testers, pressure chart recorders, and temperature chart recorders with a rugged all-in-one solution.

The PIT5000 incorporates our proven, NIST-traceable pressure and temperature measurement technology with our patented* system to provide reliable, automated data collection and storage of the following:

  • Pipe pressure
  • Pipe and ambient temperatures
  • Total pump stroke count and volume calculation

Additionally, during the test, the PIT5000 provides you with the following visual assistance:

  • Real-time pressure and temperature plotting
  • Real-time stroke vs. pressure plotting
  • Real-time, configurable, alarm indicators

Test reports are automatically generated in two convenient formats, PDF and XLSX.

The PIT5000 will pay for itself many times over by reducing time for set-up, tear-down and eliminating tedious, error prone manual data collection. In addition the real-time graphs allow you to see exactly what is happening, and focus on what is important, during the entire test process.

*Patents: USA 8,935,106 CAN 2,756,486




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