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Series 33T Low Pressure Accutube and Wet Tap Mounting Assemblies


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Use of the 33T allows insertion and removal without process shutdown. The 33T probe consists of a standard brass head and a 316SS probe and installs through a wet tap assembly. The wet tap assembly consists of a packing gland, pipe nipple, insertion valve and thredolet or pipe saddle clamp. The 33T has 1/ 8” FNPT connections and is shipped with wet tap assembly and safety chain.

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Impressive Accuracy & Repeatability

  • +1% of rate accuracy
  • +0.1% repeatability
  • Operating pressure / temperature limit: 150 PSIG Max. @ 190°F max

Ease of Use & Installation

  • Perfect for gas, liquid, vapor and steam applications
  • Can be used with pipe work or duct work
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Bi-directional flow sensing

Efficiency Saves Time and Money

  • Low permanent head loss saves energy and cost
  • Multiple tube design offers superior strength and clog resistance
  • Integral 3-Valve head option saves installation piping and transmitter mounting time


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