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TIO0110 Thermocouple Measurement and Simulation Module for MFT 4000


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The TIO0110 is a thermocouple (T/C) measurement and simulation module for use with the Meriam MFT 4000 Series Multi-Function Tester. The module will accurately measure or source ±110 milli-Volts (mV) for any of twelve (12) different T/C types according to NIST 175, ITS-90 (default) or ITS-68 standards. In the measure mode, the TIO0110 module converts mV dc to a temperature value in the user-selected temperature unit (°F, °C, °R or °K) and per the selected standard. Milli-volts can also be displayed for direct reading or trouble shooting needs. In the simulate mode, the TIO0110 module simulates an accurate mV signal to a receiving device. Users can enter the precise simulation temperature value, change the value with convenient controls on the MFT, or set-up and select from three Auto-Step or three Auto Ramp test procedures per T/C type. Test points are determined by the user and can be stepped through automatically or manually as desired.

T/C calibration coefficients are factory loaded into module memory for instant access by the base MFT. Field recalibration of the module is possible using the MFT’s “Rcal” feature (appropriate calibration standards are required).

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Impressive Accuracy

  • NIST traceable accuracy of ± 0.025% FS
  • All effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability and temperature from 23°F to 122°F

Ease of Use

  • Several types and ranges are available
  • Modules are completely interchangeable to facilitate most pressure testing needs
  • Can be recalibrated in the field

Included for Quality Assurance Purposes

  • NIST Certificate
  • Calibration Data


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