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VMA0055 Module for MFT4000, 4005, 4010


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The VMA0055 is a DC voltage and current measurement and simulation module for use with the Meriam MFT 4000 Series Multi-Function Tester. The module features the functionality of a DVM and loop calibrator for convenient field versatility. When used with other MFT functions, the VMA / MFT combination provides valuable functionality not available in other devices. Measurement ranges include ±500 mV, ±55 V, and ±100 mA. Sourcing capabilities include ±1000 mV, 0 – 24 V and 0 – 22 mA. The VMA module will also simulate transmitter outputs when connected to a loop or it can be used to temporarily supply 24V DC loop power to unpowered devices during commissioning or calibration activities. 12 VMA0055 Advantages VMA0055 goes far beyond the ±50 volts / mA measurement capability of the MFT base unit and has its own isolated power supply so common ground problems are not an issue.

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Consider the following advantages for MFT users

  • Power a transmitter directly from VMA
  • Use MFT 4000, 4005 & 4010 to calibrate transmitters anywhere, anytime
  • Concurrently use MFT base unit to check transmitter input (P, T, V, i) and output
  • Use MFT 4010 HART®communications to commission or reconfigure unpowered transmitters
  • Measure mV, V or mA as you would with a DVM
  • Reduce the number of tools the technician carries
  • Resolution to 1/100,000 counts
  • Select desired V range for best possible accuracy

Source precise voltage or mA signals to check calibration or operation of receiving devices or step a valve positioner

  • Key in exact output value desired
  • Increase or Decrease output value by predefined increments
  • Auto-step tests are user defined for start and stop values, number of steps, dwell time, and manual or automatic advance

Read volts or mA from MFT meter while sourcing volts or mA from VMA module

  • Test input isolation buffers with one MFT; apply mA value to buffer input with VMA and measure mA value output of


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