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The Meriam Model 30EBX25 and 30EFX25 well type manometer are direct reading manometers designed for process, general purpose production testing, or laboratory measurement of pressures, vacuums or differential pressures. Designed for a maximum operating pressure of 250 PSIG,* these instruments can also be used to measure flow, tank level, and pressure drop or distribution across operating equipment. Raised wells can be furnished so positive and negative pressures or reversing flow can be indicated without changing the pressure connections. Various mounting styles to satisfy installation requirements are available.

*Model for 500 psi is 30EBX50

Well Type Manometer Construction
The manometer body is of aluminum channel construction. Stainless steel end blocks, for packing the glass indicating tube, are screwed to the body. The 7/16 outside diameter glass tubing is yoke packed with viton gaskets at each end block and is supported at spaced intervals to prevent tube distortion. The welded stainless steel manometer well has a large cross section and is readily removable for greatest ease in cleaning. Two 1/4 female pipe connections are provided on the top side of the well; one outlet is normally used for the high pressure manometer connection, while the other, provided with a plug, is used as the well fill connection. The unit scale, located directly behind the glass indicating tube, extends the full width of the instrument body and is graduated on each side of the indicating column. This scale has a white, non-glare satin background with black graduations and figures, and is compensated for liquid level change within the manometer well.

The scale is adjustable for zero indicating fluid level by means of a non-slip, flexible shaft adjustment located in the lower end block and operated from the front of the instrument. A transparent plexiglass cover protects the unit from dust and moisture. All exterior portions of the manometer are finished in textured, black urethane paint. Standard pressure connections in the upper end block and at the manometer well for connecting the instrument are 1/4 female pipe connections. Suitable drain, fill and vent plugs are furnished with each unit.

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  • Wall Mount, 303 S.S. (Materials)


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