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HART® Communicator

Meriam’s Education Initiative Program
Meriam is interested in:
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Technical Schools
  • Vocational Programs

Big or Small, Contact us to see if your school qualifies.
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The Easier, Faster, HART-Compliant Communicator

Ease of Use

  • Reads manufacturers' DDs in their native format
    no translations required
  • 4.3” anti-glare touchscreen (no stylus required)
  • Atex and Non-Atex models available

The MFC5150 utilizes a Windows based system for faster processing and greater storage capacity. It’s the power of a PC in the palm of your hand!

About Us

About Us

Meriam Process Technologies, a Scott Fetzer company is recognized as a leading supplier of instrumentation & test and calibration equipment, utilizing the latest advances in technology and design while delivering superior performance. We are committed to providing quality products with an impeccable support experience.

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