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RMA Request


  • Please fill out this form and submit it. We will get in touch with you shortly.
  • In order for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number to be issued, you must agree to the repair and calibration estimates.
  • Option: Download Service and Repair form here and complete it later, then fax it to us.

Agreement for prices and services

  • When you submit this form, you are confirming that you agree to these prices and services.

Purchase Order Number required

  • You must include a purchase order number covering the work selected prior to an RMA being issued.

RMA Number required

  • Any products returned without an RMA number will not be processed.

Abandoned Material Policy

  • Material is classified as abandoned after it has been in our possession for a period of six months with no activity. In such cases, Meriam will notify you, at the last known contact point, that Meriam considers your material abandoned.
  • In accordance with our policy, the material will be disposed of within ten business days. Meriam will not replace or provide credit for abandoned materials.

Non-Hazardous Material Certification

  • Submitting this form certifies that the equipment being returned with the serial number listed on the form is not known to be contaminated with any hazardous substance.