Due to their inherent accuracy and flexibility, Meriam products are used across a wide range of industries; from Pharmaceutical to aviation. With help on your specific requirements, please contact us directly or your local distributor and we will be pleased to assist you.

Recommended Product Categories

Calibrators/Digital Manometers

Meriam has earned the reputation as a world leader in the accuracy of our calibrators and digital manometers. We offer excellent handheld performance at a value price. Features include min/max capture, data record, pressure measurement, averaging and timed pressure tests. “Smart” digital manometers are well suited for field measurement and process control.

M2001 Rotary Gas Meter Tester
M2003 Series Smart Manometer (Industrial)
M1000 Industrial Manometer
M1000 Industrial Manometer M1000 Series Smart Calibrator (Industrial)
M2000 Series Smart Manometer (Industrial)
M334 4-20 Milliamp Loop Calibrator
M400 Single Sensor, Handheld Pressure Transmitter Calibrator / Data Logger
M400: Accessories
M400: Replacement Parts
M1 Series Digital Manometer: M100 ± 0.25 % or M101 ± 0.1 %
M203 Altimeter & Air Speed Indicator Tester
M130 Series T/C Calibrator and Accessories
M201 Rotary Gas Meter Tester
M202 Precision Absolute Manometer Calibrator
M200DI Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Smart Manometer
M200LS Lab Standard Smart Manometer
MFT4000 CE IS Multi Function Modular Calibrator / HART® Communicator
RIO4000 RTD Measure and Simulate Module for MFT4000
TIO0110 Thermocouple Measurement and Simulation Module for MFT 4000
VMA0055 Module for MFT4000, 4005, 4010
Pressure Modules for MFT 4000, 4005, 4010