Repair & Calibration


  • Please fill out this form and submit it. We will contact you shortly.
  • In order for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number to be issued, you must agree to the repair and calibration estimates.
  • Option: Download Service and Repair form here and complete it later, then fax it to us.

Effective May 21, 2021 we will no longer support PIT5000 repairs on all units produced prior to 1/1/2016.  To learn more about our PIT5000 trade-in promotion contact

Agreement for prices and services

  • When you submit this form, you are confirming that you agree to these prices and services.

Purchase Order Number required

  • You must include a purchase order number covering the work selected prior to an RMA being issued.

RMA Number required

  • Any products returned without an RMA number will not be processed.

Abandoned Material Policy

  • Material is classified as abandoned after it has been in our possession for a period of six months with no activity. In such cases, Meriam will notify you, at the last known contact point, that Meriam considers your material abandoned.
  • In accordance with our policy, the material will be disposed of within ten business days. Meriam will not replace or provide credit for abandoned materials.

Non-Hazardous Material Certification

  • Submitting this form certifies that the equipment being returned with the serial number listed on the form is not known to be contaminated with any hazardous substance.