Custom-Developed Measurement and Calibration Tools

Other suppliers might try to fit your desired specifications into one of their current products. At Meriam, however, we strive to build a unique device to meet your every need. Meriam has been successfully supplying measurement and calibration tools to the industrial and medical industries for nearly a century. However, our capabilities extend far beyond providing out-of-the-box equipment. We have the expertise to create custom measurement solutions for your specialized needs. Additionally, we have the capability to modify your existing device, embeddable solutions or customize a device with your company’s branding. Our tailor-made solutions incorporate the unique requirements of OEM manufacturers. If needed, we will develop a custom tool, which is specific to their business and can be privately labeled. Specialty designed devices can include real-time data logging, giving technicians the ability to monitor the calibration process so they can quickly identify problems and repair equipment. Reducing diagnosis and repair time will increase production, revenue and add to customer satisfaction.

Examples of Custom Device Solutions

  • Customized an existing device to accommodate a specific pressure need of a technician for a large global medical company
  • Private labeled devices to enhance OEM’s product offering.
  • Created a specialized pressure measurement tool for the field service technicians at a manufacturing company
  • Modified device firmware to display the company’s name during startup

Examples of Custom Applications Including Embeddable Solutions

  • Developing a service tool with all measurement specifications needed, including real-time data-logging capability.
  • Developing a mobile temperature monitoring device with connection to a cloud-based platform
  • Working with a sizable ventilator company to develop a custom set of measurement instruments
  • Two medical service companies are utilizing Meriam’s pressure and temperature sensors via an embeddable unit and a customized software platform.