Medical Manometers for Medical and Life Science

Meriam offers pressure measurement devices (including digital medical manometers and other medical test equipment) and calibration equipment for use by technicians in the servicing and evaluation of a wide variety of medical equipment.


Our Digital Pressure Meters meet all needs… Pressure or Vacuum, Wet or Dry, with a wide variety of ranges and accuracies.


Meriam handheld digital manometers are portable and easy to use anywhere in your facility from quick pressure checks to required device calibrations.

Recommended Product Categories

M134 Series T/C Calibrator and Accessories
M1004 Series Smart Manometer (Medical)
M204 Series Smart Manometer (Medical)
M2004 Series Smart Manometer (Medical)
MGF16BN Digital Pressure Gauge (Medical)
M104 Series Digital Manometer (Medical)
M134 w/Shorting Plug
M134 Shorting Plug & T/C Wire Kit

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