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5 Ways Meriam Makes the Lives of Biomedical Technicians Easier

Biomedical technicians have a stressful job.

Ensuring medical equipment is well-maintained, properly configured and safe for both patients and users is a serious responsibility. Biomedical technicians must have accurate and reliable testing and measurement instruments to perform diagnostics quickly and accurately.


Meriam is continuously building, upgrading and updating their line of medical equipment to better serve the biomed techs who count on our products every day.


Innovations like the M2004 Series Smart Manometer are designed to make life easier for users. Technicians who must install, inspect, maintain, repair, modify and even develop equipment to meet medical safety and confidentiality standards need quality tools they can count on.


Check out the five ways Meriam makes life easier for biomedical technicians.


Portable tools

Always on the move, a technician’s job often takes them to multiple healthcare facilities throughout their day. To travel quickly between diagnostic assignments, a biomed tech can’t be weighed down with bulky, awkward measurement devices.

Meriam’s calibration tools are designed to be lightweight and portable, so technicians can stay mobile – whether they are working within one building or navigating a massive medical campus. Features like mobile data logging gives technicians the freedom to work without connecting to a computer as well.


Flexible features

Flexibility is an essential aspect for biomedical tooling.


Every workday is different for a technician, and every equipment testing situation will vary. Flexible tools will give technicians the ability to accomplish goals and meet deadlines using fewer measurement devices.


Tools like the M2004 offer incredible flexibility, with a large selection of available pressure ranges to choose from and the ability to add a second sensor to measure another pressure range or a PT100 Class A RTD temperature.


Durable construction

Active work days demand durable tools. Like the technicians themselves, their equipment is transported in and out of service vehicles and multiple medical offices every day.


Meriam understands that portable devices aren’t always handled delicately, so they design rugged measurement tools able to withstand drops or other accidents. Added benefits, like the M2004’s protective blue boot, can help dampen falls, bumps or other traumas that could cause damage or a broken device.


Accurate measurements

Meriam devices are held to the highest traceability standards to ensure a truly accurate measurement every time. We believe “a measurement is only as good as its reference,” so we offer NIST certified tools.


Features that improve accuracy on most Meriam measurement instruments include an easy to use and intuitive interface with up to a six-digit display and damping to stabilize fluctuating pressure signals.


Customized devices

Meriam is continuously working on new innovations to improve the day to day tasks for technicians, like creating equipment and software that can grow with your team’s workload. The Data Log Pro, once added to Meriam’s M2004 will expand the data logging capabilities to 128 log files or 100,000 data points.


While Meriam’s devices come equipped with a host of helpful features for the technician on the go, every tool we offer can be customized to meet the design and capability needs of specific service organizations and OEMs.


Are you ready to make the lives of your biomedical technician easier with Meriam’s high-quality and portable measurement and calibration tools? Call 1-800-817-7849 or contact us to learn more.